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Gibson Les Paul

Fender JazzMaster

Fender 1980, 1952 Reissue Jap Strat. (now has emg david gilmour pickups)

PRS SE Custom (replaced pickups and bridge)

Taylor Acoustic C-14

As for Gear I have

Ibanez Fuzz Pedal

Boss Chromatic tuner Pedal <fucking best pedal I probably own, its a life saver.

Boss Twin Equalizer pedal

Boss Super Shifter pedal

Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion

Boss Digital Delay 3

Dunlop crybaby wah

Line6 Spider 2

thats what I currently use cause I can get a diverse sound and variety from, I've gone through so much gear over the years, most of it I realized was a waste and sold.

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I have a

Schecter C-1 Elite (white)

Epiphone Valve Junior 5w head

and an Earth Cabinet, however, i know not the exact year of its assembly, mid 70's im guessing

Pearl Forum with fiberskin heads

Tama Iron Cobra DBL pedal

Casio sa-20 and its radio shack counterpart :hardgay:

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im thinking about getting this head for my Earth Cabinet...


Anyone have any experience with this paticular head? I've heard mixed reviews.

Is that their new modeling head? I haven't heard anything about it but I remember when the details about it were first released.

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I'm not all hardcore into gear (or even playing for that matter), but here goes:

Fender Precision Bass II (Black, white pickguard, needs new electronics, custom volume/tone knobs)

Diadarrio XL strings

Fender BXR Bass amp (Uh, it's old and was given to me by my mom.)

some really good monster cable (it was like 50$ or something)

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oh sorry i forgot to metnion. Its an Ibanez tone blaster, i will be getting the older version for about $200.

Ah. Well...I'm a tube man now so I don't really know about solid state. Can't help ya man, sorry.

I've got:


Jackson DKMGT

Ibanez crappy starter thing

A Yamaha acoustic that sounds surprisingly good with Elixer strings.

A 30 year old classical from a luthier I've never heard of.


Marshall MG30DFX

PodXT Live with the Metal Pack

Mesa Boogie F-50

Bad Monkey pedal


Pearl Export with Remo Ebony Pinstripe heads

Crappy B8 Pro cymbals

That's about it I think.

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Once you've had tube you never go back.

Seriously... I'm in love with my Fender Blues Deluxe.

i would love to get a used valve king or something, but i can't afford one right now, i have to get a korg electribe MKII for my live electronics act. So ican't really spend more than 200 on an amp, basically just something that i can run really loud through the clean channel.

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