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Accelerated Evolution

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

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Interview with Doug Jones.

This interview with Doug Jones revealed the basic plot of the sequel and some character expansion for Abe Sapien.

Regarding the romantic evolution of "Hellboy's" Abe Sapien character, Mr. Jones says "So just like a 13-year-old with his first crush, this is how you're going to see Abe this time. A portion of him. Will this affect his decision-making powers? Does it make us stupid when we're in love for the first time? It did me, so let's see what happens to Abe." In addition to Sapien, Jones will also play characters called The Chamberlain and The Angel of Death. Busy guy.

Mr. Jones also talked about how it felt to have his Silver Surfer performance dubbed over by Laurence Fishburne.

And while he expresses deep respect for Laurence Fishburne, Jones admits that being "dubbed out" as Silver Surfer was kind of a sting: "This is a painful issue for me ... For any actor [it] would be. No actor wants to see a portion of their performance taken away."
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