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I need an animu


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so i kinda wanna start watching anime again... and i need some recommendations for a good one to start with, i'd like it to be one of the new ones, Spring 07 season even, but i guess anything goes... I like romancy high-school drama stuffs (lawl), Initial D style stuff and some mecha... but once again, anything goes :awesome: tanks anime board!

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I'm going to throw a few of the more popular titles out here since I haven't had time or space to check out the newer stuff.

Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, and Romeo × Juliet for romancy stuff.

Just get the newer episodes of Initial D or some of the older episodes you haven't seen. Very few anime titles focus on racing, the only title that even comes to mind is Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA, but it's old and you'd probably have a hard time trying to track it down.

For mecha, get Code Geass.

And just to throw out a few random titles, Mushishi, Black Jack (any of them), D.Gray-man, Darker than Black, Eyeshield 21, Kanon, and Mai Otome Zwei.

Give Death Note a go, too. Everyone I know loves it except for Sien.

Oh, and


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Mushishi is one of the best anime out recently, if you want something artsy. It has a fairy-tale-ish, slightly creepy air about it.

Darker than Black is looking to be flashy and fun, though the first few episodes have been a little slow moving. It's sci-fi, though not mecha. Claymore is a fantasy with metal sensibilities. It's a blood-spraying good time. Murder Princess is a slick OAV series with two episodes out so far, fantasy, silly and over the top, fun (and constant) music, and very slashy (as in girl/girl suggestiveness.)

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Haya said it before, but Lucky Channel is better then the show itself.

Also, I don't personally like the new directors style. All the parodies seemed really forced. They had to go and change directors just when the original one was finding his "groove" too >_>

Another good comedy is Hayate the Combat Butler. Now they'res a show that uses post-modern references and intertexuality thats consistently funny :awesome:

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A lot of good ones have been mentioned already, but ill go ahead and reinforce Code Geass. I've never been very interested in 'mecha shows' so I wasn't sure what to expect, but...ill just say it's one of my favorite series' now.

Also, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is great if you're in the mood for mystery. From AniDB: "Adaption of the amateur created murder mystery computer game".

To further ignore the request for ONE animu, check out Welcome to the NHK and Genshiken. The more anime viewing experience you have, the more you'll appreciate these last two.

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Also, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is great if you're in the mood for mystery. From AniDB: "Adaption of the amateur created murder mystery computer game".

also do NOT be all 'wtf animation sux' if you watch this. it doesn't matter. it's awesome. but it's not for the faint of heart. *still cringes at fingernail scene*


GANKUTSUOU. it's like a sci fi version of the count of monte cristo. ITS SERIOUSLY AWESOME AND THERE IS A MECH FIGHT TOO.

it's an acid trip!!11111

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There was some mecha show last year from Sunrise that supposedly was pretty good, but for the life of me I can't remember the name.

I know Haya posted about it in the viewing journal a few times, and it was basically a tie-in for the 360 game coming out. Zega or Zaga something.

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Maybe you're thinking of Code Geass? I'm pretty sure sunrise did it.

This was before Code Geass. The game the series is based on plays like a very slow version of Zone of the Enders.

Namco-Bandai also made a sequel to it with an online mode added. Neither came to the US.

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