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Halo 3 BETA


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Can't play, Apr.27 was deadline for registering your beta pass, bought Crackdown day it came out for nothing.

That's odd. :mellow: Bungie sent a Halo 3 newsletter a few days ago saying you can still get into the beta if you bought a copy of Crackdown before the 16th.

Guess it was something like if you bought it from Mircosoft directly you'd get the key with it, I dunno. Didn't really pay much attention to the newsletter since it mostly Bungie trying to whore out the Halo Zune and giving a release date on Halo 3.

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Yeah, after halo 2 I pass. 1 was superior.

3 is like 1. They fixed a ton of the balancing issues. Especially with the fact you no longer spawn with a dual wield-able weapon.

Anyways, I played a bunch last night. Halo 3 is exactly what I had been hoping for. It's got the fun back that Halo 2 lost. And jeeeesus christ is the needler awesome.

Also, due to the problems people are having with the download the beta got extended to June 10th. Awesomeness.

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Rule of Three? Because to get your rule of three code you have to log into the bungie site and check your bungie mail. Which is why a bunch of people didn't know they were in the beta already.

It could also have been blocked as spam since beta keys are almost always sent out through mass mailers.

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