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Albums Recently Purchased (By YOU)


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Post the titles of musical album things you bought recently here.

I'll begin:

Tom Waits- "The Heart of Saturday Night"

Tom Waits- "Blue Valentine"

Leonard Cohen- "Songs of Love and Hate"

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- "The Firstborn is Dead" (now there is only one Nick Cave album I don't own)

Beck- Odelay

David Bowie- "Hours..."

My Bloody Valentine- "Loveless"

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Notorious B.I.G. - Duets: The Final Chapter

The following was a gift:

Radiohead - Kid A

I'm going to buy CDs once I get a job. However, it's mostly downloading right now.

Mith: That My Bloody Valentine album is at the top of my list, along with Massive Attack's "Blue Lines".

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Great Album, very well done by the pumpkins.

Coincidentally the Siamese Dream I ordered came in the mail today. What are the odds I get the 2 best Pumpkins albums in the same day by more or less accident?

I definitely dig Dream over Mellon Chollie myself... but they are both some of the best albums of the 90's without a doubt.

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I prefer Mellon Collie due to the fact that it contains Zero, BWBW, Thirty-Three, and Tonight, Tonight. So many kickass singles they had to separate them to two discs.

Dream just sounds more raw though whereas Mellon Collie (Which I've been spelling wrong all day) sounds more elaborate. Both have an equal amount of great singles I think... well maybe Mellon Collie has a few more. But I prefer my rock to be more raw and stripped down almost all the time. BWBW though is definitely my favorite Pumpkins song though.

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