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Accelerated Evolution

A-E is worth 16,999$$$


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www.accelerated-e.com was created on: September 17 2004

Domain age (approximately):

2 Years, 8 Months, 13 days..

Current Pagerank: PR 3

The total number of pages that contain links to www.accelerated-e.com: 1,347

Current AlexaRank for www.accelerated-e.com: 1,008,893

Indexed Pages for www.accelerated-e.com

Google: 44,600

MSN Search: 76

Yahoo!: 8,149

AlltheWeb: 7,310

AltaVista: 8,150

The estimated value of http://www.accelerated-e.com is: $16,699

This value is calculated based on several factors shown above, including: Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web.


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I support this idea.

*is a top ten poster*

*High five.*

Obviously we need to start a club for the cream of the AE crop. Only people with really high post counts would be allowed in this club. No one else could even browse it. We would use it to talk about things that are important to us, the more important people.

(Or we might use it to boost our post counts to never-before-seen levels, with no enforcement about spamming, to consolidate our power base and enforce our rule).

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Uh-oh, looks like someone's jealous because he isn't worth $16,999.

That was just in response to the question about who would buy the forums. The forums themselves are basically only worth the money put into them. The domain name is what that site rates.

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Already sold, I am just a figurehead to keep the morale up and secret low.

Awwww yeah. Just called the secret AE Swiss bank account and Blizzard took their money out.

See, the AE illuminati secretly made a deal with Blizzard to announce Starcraft 2 at the time we sold the site, so by the time the SC2 hype dies down and most of you realize me and Wind are no longer posting here we'll already be half way to Mexico.

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