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cut and pasted from the rpgdl by one of their members...


Star Ocean 1 remake - On the PSP, new character designs, updated sprites, chance of being released in the US... Not bad, I really like the new art

Star Ocean 2 port - Has some additions, could be good if Squareenix decides to retranslate it and get VAs who don't suck...

Star Ocean 4 - announced. Damnit. I thought 3 was supposed to be the last one - now they're releasing all of these as part of a SO Museum. REMAKE SO:Bluesphere, jerks!

Wild Arms 5 - Heard the story's written by a famous Japanese novelist, awesome. Kind of sad by the change from a gorgeously animated opening to sub-par CG

Wild Arms XF - Strat RPG, hex system, wild arms - happy

Wild Arms Mobile (w/ Virginia) - already out, but I wanted to spark some debate about it

Persona 3 - won a Famitsu award for best achievement in an RPG, neat

FF12 Zodiac Job System - Int'l version looks cool, maybe this Zodiac job system makes some of the characters rankable? probably not.

FF12 RW - sequel of FFXII; awesome art

FFT: Lion's War - has Balthier

FFTA2 - don't really care, nice enough art, Cid looks weird.

FF4 remake - why stop at 4 remakes, Squeenix? Actually, if FF3's any indication, this could be amazing.

FFXIII et al - don't really care

Kingdom Hearts - Side story involving Mickey/DarkWorld/Roxas?

Harvest Moon Rune Factory 1& 2 - ultimate win, rankable Harvest Moon >.> I'm scared.

Disgaea PSP - Etna's awesome, more cameos!

Soul Cradle - N1's latest SRPG, not comedy - could turn some heads, but I'm looking forward to it. (hope there's cameos)

Ar Tonelico 2 - One wasn't enough?

Dragoneer's Aria - really REALLY pretty art, looks interesting, NISA, for PSP, though.

GrimGrimoire - nice title. >.> NISA, this better have a great translation, cause it looks pretty bad, honestly

Growlanser 5 - go Atlus! Growlanser series can make it over here, I know it! Shiny art, too.

Luminous Arc - not sure what to think, but looks good for an SRPG on DS, has an animated opening that catches the eye, Atlus hype

Xenosaga 4 - ugh? Nintendo bought Monolith Soft, maybe that'll fix'em?

Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata - Tri-crescendo makes it, could be awesome, plus - it's about Chopin, win. 360, though...

Shining Wind - Now the anime for it makes more sense! Looks good for a Shining ARPG. Shining Force EXA was pretty cool, this could be a decent game

Dragon Quest IX - not sure what to say, but it's coming out...

Phantasy Star Universe 2? - and it's already confirmed for US release, huh. Hope it gets better. PS series needs to do well. REMAKE PSIV, SEGA!!!!!


yay, Xenosaga 4!!!!!!!!! /wrist

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