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Hello im new here !


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Well hi ..im new here i was wondering if there were any brown guys on this site that i might be able to hook up with or check with ;) you know what im sayinnn.....

well im looking for a brown guy

from 5 '10 to 6 feet is good

avg. built

nice eyes...i would love it if they were coloured :D...but if not its okay to:P

Hmmmm...well thats about it....

oh yes

i would like to add that they should have been living in Canada for atlest 7 year now ^_^

thank you :D

and im a very good looking brown girl so.....i would expect the guy to be good looking too

thank you guys ^_^

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You're pretty specific when it comes to men, aren't ya?

I can understand most of it, but what's with the seven+ years in Canada thing? Is that how long you have to be there for the free healthcare or something?

And since when does Asian=brown? I thought Asian was "yellow", or is that racist or something?

Did you notice everything in this post is a question?

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