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In celebration of the upcoming end of school year...


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I miss 8th grade. I decorated my binder with Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z, and Evangelion. Assuring no girl would want me.

haha, i had this black binder and some white pens, so i drew a bunch of :awesome: (read: freakishly shitty) band logos on there, looked good

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Dude... 8th grade was sweet. Around that time I would buy big sheets of white paper, rather than those stupid book socks or book covers or whatever they were called. Then I'd cover my book and draw scenes from Jurassic Park where the raptors are jumping on the Trex.

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alls i remember doing in middle school was going to the skatepark EVERY day after school, talking shit to my teachers (got detention for flipping one off lawl) and talking to the girls who snuck in booze in 7-up bottles

BUT i remember one day in art class i finished the day's assignment early so the teacher had me draw a fucking UNICORN :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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grade 8 for me was horrid. My school was full of drugs and weapons. Almost got stabbed 4 or 5 times just for existing. Luckily i had a good group of friends :hardgay:

Everyone would make fun of me all the time. Even my best friend would make fun of me. Seriously, I sat with him at lunch and everyone would spend the entire time insulting me and harassing me and he'd join in. If I tried to sit alone the nuns would tell me that I was setting a bad example for the children.

I'd like to kill those nuns. :awesome:

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Ya dude... and when you go on recess (I don't CARE if you don't have recess in high school) go play hide and seek with your friends out in the forest. Hell, I'll even come play with you guys (I'll bring the witch's hat!)

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