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Jae Hoon

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Houston is 3-9 and really looking bad right now. Yao IMO is looking alot more aggressive this year and looks to possibly be breaking through but McGrady is hurt and they have no guard play right now.

SA, Detroit and Dallas currently look like the best teams in the league at the moment and Kobe is still the best player in the NBA.

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i have to disagree about kobe being the best playing in the NBA. Steve Nash can do everything , except dunking that shit right in someones face. He deserved the MVP last year, and i think he could possibly get it this year. He is holding the suns up this year in what has been a mediocre start at best.

............... and hes from British Columbia, Canada..... yay

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WTF The Pistons losing 2 games in one week..thats bullshit.. fuck that shit they better win the whole damn thing or this season is at a lost..and I must agree that they have the best starting 5 in the league today..and its sad that none of them got picked for the starting role on the Eastern Conference Team..I mean come on Jermaine O Neal over Ben or Rasheed wtf is that

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They have 4 players on the reserves, although I would say 5 of them deserve the all-star.

Definitely the East is going to win, just imagine having 4 Pistons players plus Shaq and Wade. They're going to be unstoppable.

Yeah the Pistons have the best starting five. Individually they're not the best but when it comes to teamwork they could get the job done and it's one thing I respect them most.

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Best team = Dallas

Best player = Agent ZERO (I'm a fanboy)

Actually probably Bron or Dwight Howard has been the best player at fulfilling all the requirements for their spot on the team this year.

EDIT- And could you imagine the Wiz if they had kept onto Rip Hamilton? They might have a defense!

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Best player, Nash.

Best team? Suns.

Agent Zero is getting up there, that three pointer to win the game was amazing.

I dunno, Heat are making the playoffs, but me think that Riley is just relaxing till that time comes. The season is long, he wants Shaq fresh for the games that really matter.

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teams playing kinda mediocre this year, but what do you expect when you lose Wallace, and Billups and Sheed got banged up, the east jus looks all kinds of nasty.

Suns are ripping it up, but I still think that Defense wins championships, hence..why I think the Spurs, or Mav's might take the west in the long run.

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An amazing 21 assist game for Nash last night. The guy is the most magical persons i have ever seen with the ball. Pair that with a 20 ppg average and you got the possibly one of the best guards ever. I Sure hope he gets the MVP again, the guy is just so dominant and unselfish.

yeah too bad he won't win a championship with those stats.

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