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Accelerated Evolution

can anyone listen?


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thanks, guys

I thought it was great, the lyrics need a little more poilsh i think, but other than that, it sounds fucking great.

what would you suggest, the lyrics were actually about my girlfriend, yeah sound the corny alert.

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not really the content, i just thought the rythm was kinda off in some spots. In reality i guess its just my opinion, other people would probably like that style :hardgay:

ah yea it may just be the style I sing, pretty much every note I hit was deliberate, either way Im glad you have a problem with it, its better than not saying anything.

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I'm not as into this type of music as you are, but I really enjoyed it. I liked the chorus, mostly because of the way you sing the word 'yard' and how that progresses to 'fall'. It's like it rhymes but it doesn't. You know what I mean?

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