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Iron Man

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While Iron Man has always been a jerk within the Marvel comics continuum, he as always been a hero as well. That is until Marvel inexplicably transformed him into a maniacal lunatic for no apparent reason other than to severe any connection readers can form with him. But I digress, the movie currently under production and directed by Jon Favreau is looking promising. Robert Downey Jr. is a good actor and teriffic choice for the lead role of Tony Stark (after all who better to play a promising man ruined by his vices than a promising man who was once ruined by his vices?) and Terrence Howard was chosen to play the role of James Rhodes who will eventually become the War Machine if this film is successful enough to warrant a sequel.

The role of the film's main villain, the Mandarin, due to his part being heavily rewritten in order to make the character more realistic.

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