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Hellgate London Offical Thread

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1up preview:

This action RPG uses the first-person view of a shooter to take you right down into the action. Developer Flagship was founded by the creators of Diablo, and it definitely shows in this post-apocalyptic demon slaying world.

Tucked away in the Games for Windows corner at X06 was Flagship Studios' Hellgate: London. An open spot on a comfortable chair was more than enough invitation to sit down for a quick test drive of former Blizzard superstar Bill Roper's Diablo-esque, loot-driven action RPG.

It was a difficult environment to evaluate a game of this nature, considering the extent of the character creation, the sheer volume of weapon and armor modifications, skill and attribute statistics, and just the pure randomness of the levels. We sat down with a basic level 1 Templar character armed with a simple shield and sword. After running around in the Underground (London's famed -- and in this game, destroyed -- subway system), we picked up a few available quests and headed out towards the one available combat zone.

The first portion of the zone was outdoors in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Riddled with enemies, we fought our way through to the subway entrance, hacking and slashing various flavors of demon (left click to shield bash and stun, right click for swordplay). We quickly got up to level 3, which presented the basic stat and skill point system. After throwing a few stat points in the stamina column and learning faster melee attacks as the first skill, we felt confident enough to enter the next portion of the Underground, now absolutely swarming with enemies.

That confidence was misplaced, as our Templar was promptly murderized by the approximately 3,000 demon goons who were assigned to guard randomly-generated doorway #37B. It's a pretty safe bet that, like Diablo, Hellgate: London will be one of those "it's fun to play together" games. And also like Diablo, the addiction level will be "unsatiable," for as we all know, the quest for phat lewt is one that never ends.





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As far as I know it'll be an MMO, perhaps in the style of Guild Wars?,

There is going to be an optional monthly fee where paying players get a bunch of extras if they sign up:

-PA Comic Removed.-

Yeah it seems to be a lot like Guild Wars. Only technically it's not an MMO. Since the world isn't Massive. Everything is instanced so there's no persistant world.

But yes, it has hub areas where you can see other players, but the rest of it is instanced to your party.

Anyways, I've had the game reserved for a year. I'll be playing the day it launches, and I'll be paying for the elite membership so I can play Hardcore. I've played it at two E3s and loved it every moment I've had with it.

I LOOOOOVE the diablo games, and this is my messiah. Can't wait to start my engineer.

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* No server queues!: Those who fork over $9.95 a month can be that kid from elementary school who cut in line because his mom worked in the cafeteria.

* More character slots: If you have a problem with alt-itis, the shackles of 3 characters slots are broken here, granting players 12 slots (in total).

* Bigger bags: While 20 inventory slots sounds spacious, that's college square footage when compared to the mansion subscribers get -- 40 spaces and access to an account-wide inventory feature. No need to log onto a mule character to grab an item for a friend.

* 24/7 Support: In case you're having tech. issues -- or feel like hearing a friendly voice. Non-subscribers will still support access, obviously.

* Phat Loots: If you want to look cool, you'll want to be a subscriber. According to Bill Roper, "You will know an Elite character when he walks by. He'll have on unique gear and will stand out in a crowd."

* VIP Shuttles: For the lazy -- no walking to the far regions of the game required.

* Roof Over Your Head: Player housing isn't available to the freeloaders. No word of whether cardboard boxes will instead be available.

* Guild Leadership:: If you want to be the head honcho of your very own Hellgate: London guild, you'll need to pay up, as will anyone who wants officer positions.

* More Game Modes/Servers: A Hardcore difficulty mode is the first subscriber-only variant, with more coming later.

* Continuing Content Updates: "In addition, Roper promises a lot of ongoing content that won't be available to the basic player. Where some will hit the soft level cap somewhere between 35 and 40, fresh content will roll into the system on a monthly basis."

* Level Cap: Non-payers have a soft cap in between 35 and 40, but that cap will change as subscribers receive new content.

* Voice Chat: Everyone gets access to this -- hurrah!

If I'm the only one who pays, I'll start the guild. ;)

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Yes, you can start or stop the membership at any time. If you stop the membership they keep all your content until you decide to reactivate. However you cannot still access the membership required features without a membership.

There seems to be a pretty thick consensus that the elite features may not really be worth the 10 bucks unless you like the idea of constant content updates or hardcore mode.

Or like me you're horribly addicted to paying for things that are completely trivial like horse armor in Oblivion or the ability to glow blue in Hellgate. (theoretical.)

But I'll love my blue glowing, dammit. :awesome:

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