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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Fuck this, Fuck Star Wars, Fuck it's legion of fans that will eat up this stupid ugly piece of shit, and Fuck George Poocas for being such a fat money hungry dipshit. 8 more star wars moviez!!111!111!!!!1186848211!!!111!!

Except 1/10th of the people will be seeing it as the newer movies since we realize YOU FUCKING SUCK AT MAKING MOVIES YOU FUCKING FAGGOT. - and after seeing stupid shit on TV like the inevitable spin-offs of each show currently planned I am sure we will be even more-so convinced.

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Set some Star Wars stuff in the long forgotten past dammit!

Why? So he can ruin KotOR too?

Let him be in his little 1-6 period and let him fuck it up however he wants. All the good stars stuff has been in the expanded universe lately and I don't want him mucking it up. I'd rather have him remake The Clone Wars in CG. Then go off and ruin Exar Kun by turning him into a whiny pussy.

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Phantom Menace -- The very start and the battle with Darth Maul was cool.

Attack of the Clones -- Yoda vs. Dooku, Battle of Geonosis were pretty cool.

Revenge of the Sith -- Rescue of Palpatine was good and then from when Anakin marches into the Jedi Temple onwards it was awesome.

The thing is, Episodes IV-VI are awesome all the way through.

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