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Your Five Main Food Groups


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I was talking to my sister about how the stereotypical food groups for a man are hamburgers, fritos, and beer. (mmm)

And then we were thinking about stereotypical food groups for a woman, and we decided on water, sugar, and vegetables.

I was wondering what all your REAL main food groups are!! PICK FIVE MAIN FOOD GROUPS FOR YOURSELF. It has to be something you eat all the time.

Mine are coffee, half and half, multigrain bread, whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce, and vitamin/fish oil pills.

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ramen/mac and cheese

various veggie foods (pizza/omelets/pitas)


meats (really only beef and chicken, i think ham is gross)

those are the main ones, i wish i could afford to have sushi on a daily basis tho

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