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I recorded an album!


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Thanks for any feedback, guys. The reason I did this was because I'm coming up on the end of my senior year which means this will be the last of the 12 or so years that I've been playing piano and I wanted to do something extra at the end of this year.

I'm a little disappointed that the recording seemed to flatten out the volume or something because the range in dynamics on the mp3s is definitely less than I actually played.

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The recording quality is kinda low (sounds like the mic was distorting when you played loudly)

Yeah, I noticed that too which is kind of irritating.

The entertainer YES!!!!!!

I LOVE Scott Joplin and I love the entertainer, and so I'm annoyed that it's by far the piece that I play least consistently. For that recording I actually played it three times, and took the first three sections from one playthrough, the fourth from another and the fifth from yet another and spliced it all together cause I couldn't play it all the way through without messing up horribly :awesome:

god that song hurts my hand...

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