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Mobile Suit Gundam 00


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Link to the cock teaser and stills from said teaser.


Solestal Being - a private armed organization aimed at eradicating wars

Gundam Meister - four pilots who operate mobile weapons

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - October, 2007, Saturday evenings at 6PM

Rebirth begins through destruction

So, rejuvenation of a recent lackluster series, or steaming pile of shit? MAKE YOUR ASSUMPTIONS NOW, AE!

..or just wait for a fansub or something.

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Also, this series having nothing to do with the Seed story line = possibility of win.

So long as Fukada isn't involved AT ALL, it should be alright. *Prays*

i recently watched Ms igloo. Wtf.

Igloo was really good for the most part. Especially the last episode.

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It was done really well, i'll give it that. It just didn't feel like 'Gundam' though, i don't know if it was the CG or what. I was just kinda confused.

The MS Igloo most people have seen was actually an exhibit at the Bandai Museum. So it was certainly done up differently then most of the UC Gundam series. It had a similar vibe to 0083 since they shared the same director, though. [/gundam geek]

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Supposedly Kunio Okawara (mech designer for about 8 billion other series), Kanetake Ebikawa (mech designer for Full Metal Panic!), Takayuki Yanase (designer for various series), and Seiji Mizushima (director for Fullmetal Alchemist) are now confirmed to be in this.

With Okawara and Mizushima on board this should at least merit a few downloads.

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New characters were shown off in Newtype.





Celestial Being

Sumeragi Sumomo (Ri? wacky kanji middle name) Noriega - Tactical forecaster of the Celestial Being mothership Ptolemaeus. Not a captain but essentially the top ranking officer on the ship so she takes command. She basically plans all the tactics the Gundam Meisters take part in. 26-years-old. Long, black hair.

Christina Sierra - Ptolemaeus' tactical operator. Highly-skilled as a programmer so she has a career from being discovered by Celestial Being. Has a good-natured personality and has the deep trust of her comrades. 22-years-old. Brown-haired.

Felt Grace - 14-year-old tactical operator, same as Christina. For some reason or another, she seems to not be good at communicating with others. Has a wealth of mechanic-related knowledge and so joined Celestial Being anticipating that. Pink-haired.

Lichtendahl Caeli - 21-year-old with a cheerful personality and Ptolemaeus helmsman. Including him, the mothership's leadership is made up of no more than 5 people.

Lasse Aion - Ptolemaeus' gunner. The mothership's combat ability can be said to be governed by him. A 25-year-old who often acts cynically.


Wang Liu Mi - A beautiful 17-year-old celebrity. Today, the Carribean Sea, tomorrow, Japan...she works hard at her social life in financial circles traveling around the world. In reality, she's a secret agent who supports the Gundam Meisters from the shadows. Pig-tailed girl in the trailer.

Hong Rong - Wang Liu Mi's butler. Accompanies her faithfully and refers to her as "ojousama". He is also an Agent.


Graham Acre - A pilot belonging to the MS team. 27-years-old but is ace level and flies a Flag. He's fixated with the Gundam Excia. The blonde guy in the trailer.

Saji Crossroad - 17. A resident of Japan's special economic zone and a senior high school student studying space engineering. A gentle person who often shows off Louise.

Louise Halevy - 17-year-old student overseas. Studies space engineering like Saji. Is his girlfriend. Her personality is very selfish.

Kinue Crossroad - Saji's older sister. Pursues Celestial Being during the course of working in the media. 22-years-old.

Human Progressive League

Sergei Smirnov - MS team commander. 43-years-old. Uniformed man with the parted-hair in the trailer.

A certain Middle Eastern country

Marina Ismail - Azadistan's first princess. Flies to other nations seeking aid to support her country's economy. 24. Black haired woman in the trailer.


Patrick Corlasawar - AEU forces ace pilot. A hot-blooded guy.

Rumored info posted days earlier but with names and descriptions matching the Newtype info so on the face of things, these seem reliable:

Felt Grace - In addition to the above info, female Gundam development genius.

Haro - Lockon's partner. Orange.

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