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What makes an album an album and not a collection of songs? What makes a good album? Are you opposed to "Greatest Hits" collections, like some people I know, saying that the way the artists arranged the songs is superior? Hell, I know some people who hate the shuffle feature.

On the other hand, you could say that albums are a throwback to the time when an artist needed to create a certain amount of material to get published. For example even though audio CD's can support 80mins of music, you won't find a glut of albums that stretch that limit, because people make albums approximately the length of an LP, still (to say nothing of the bands that actually release their stuff on LP, which is :awesome: )

:awesome: <(P.S. if you only had one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?)

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Greatest Hits are fine for an introduction into a band, but the albums for the most part are far superior. Led Zeppelin are a great example of this. They passed up on the riches of releasing songs like "Stairway to Heaven" as singles in favor of making the listener hear it in the context of the album. The Shuffle feature bugs me most of the time, on occassion (mainly when I'm busy and can't settle on an artist to listen to) I use it.

I HATE when I drive around with my friends or chill with them, they never listen to a song in full. You RAPE the beauty of music when you do that. I mean, we all do it when something doesn't work with our mood, but they do it for every song.

One album to spend the rest of my life with? "Revolver". No questions asked.

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One album to spend the rest of my life with? "Revolver". No questions asked.

:headbang: I'm gonna listen to that one soon.

omg "bohemian rhapsody", "we will rock you", and "we are the champions" are thuh best queen songz ever!

Yeah, greatest hits CDs to have a tendency to do that. (by that I mean people know a band's most famous songs, but not necessarily some of the really good ones that aren't famous. Of course, then there's bands like the Doors, where pretty much all of their songs have been put on a greatest hits album, because there's so many fucking the Doors -- Greatest Hits albums).

I don't think I've said the Doors enough in this post, so if I had one album for the rest of my life, it would be the Doors' self-titled album.

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