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new paintings, drawings

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so after the surprising popularity of my grindcore paintings a while back, i decided to try and do a series of works in the same format with KIND OF an ongoing theme. without further ado...

each pair in order of conception:

post-66-1181328932_thumb.jpg post-66-1181328894_thumb.jpg

post-66-1181329028_thumb.jpg post-66-1181328966_thumb.jpg



post-66-1181329083_thumb.jpg post-66-1181329106_thumb.jpg

post-66-1181329197_thumb.jpg post-66-1181329224_thumb.jpg

i didn't do much color correcting in photoshop yet, but you get the gist


post-66-1181952544_thumb.jpg post-66-1181952482_thumb.jpg

detail of painting



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i haven't figured out prices for anything yet :wub: and i really want to get eight or ten of them together before i sell anything, just so i can see what it looks like to have some kind of cohesive series (shouldn't take too long, these things don't take me long to paint)

and thanks gang :blush: . i've been on the fence with the very last one. i feel like i need to cram more shit in there, but the point of it was kind of to be spacious opposed to the one beside it

i really need to polish these things in photoshop, they look really washed out :|

and becuz you guys ma homies, here's a sneak peak at the next one

oh shit also, if you guys have any/know where to find good social/political graffiti i could definitely use it

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i'll be talking to youze guys about prices. the grindcore one will be tough, though (i.e. might not be on the market for a while [unless someone offers me some ridiculously exorbitant amount of money :whistling: ]) oh ya, the Rhinoshruss looks WAY better in person. so does the dog, but the dog isn't done just yet (still need to paint a vagingo on there)

the shark i did yesterday should knock some socks off, and i've got fox and abalone paintings lined up for the weekend probably

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Ya!!!!!!! :headbang: That is super awesome. Honda hat for the win. But seriously, you're a talented little fellow Mr. Wilk. Consider the Fox sold, for sure.

You going to have some show where you show off all the pieces at once? Not that a bunch of Norcal dorks could appreciate how METAL they all are.

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gots new stuff

this one i did 97% of about a month ago, but just couldn't finish. finally wrapped it up a few days ago


part of it got cut off scanning, but i'm not sweating it. and the colors aren't perfect but damn close

this one i'm working on right now. it's the first acrylic painting so far, but i'll be oiling it up as soon as i figure out how to move forward (hence the reason i scanned it just now)


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