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raw oyster thread


do you like raw oysters?  

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  1. 1. do you like raw oysters?

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My mom grew up in Florida and all of her immediate family lives there, so they all LOVE raw oysters and eat them all the time. I, on the other hand, have yet to even try one. They're just too gross looking for me.

My older brother got paid 20 bucks by my dad once to eat a raw oyster years ago... but he won't eat any seafood, so it was kind of monumentous.

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I enjoy them quite a bit.

Although I do live in a seaside community, so the oysters we get are always the freshest.

Yeah! Go seaside communities. Though, I'm a good 30 minutes away from some real wide open water. Nonetheless, we get fresh oysters here. And they are still in season, well, not really. Only the months ending in "r". And this month ends in a "y".

Oysters used to keep the Chesapeake Bay clear, but we fished them all out and there isn't enough of them to filter the water.

Seafood makes me sick. It's like so nasty. =o

How..... midwest of you.

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