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i am making a topic of random shit i have drawn :D


my dynamic assassin droid duo


i drew this raygun and now i want to build it its sort of inspired by the tau cannon from HL1 or the Gluon Gun also from HL1


i wanna dress as a mad scientist like doktor sleepless with my raygun and elbow length black rubber gloves, white lab coat and goggles. the goggles are really fucking important.

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it's awl good. i just think it would be a good idea to keep all this kind of stuff in the same place*, unless you're super psyched to have a separate thread

*i have a long line of reasoning behind this, but let's leave it at "cuz it's what the cool kids do" :cool:

oh i'm not so self absorbed that i think my chicken scratch drawings need their own thread, any other stuff i upload i'll put in that other thread.

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