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I was going to put this in a precreated topic, but I didn't see it when I looked. If it should be elsewhere, my appologies.

My last art class was last Thursday so I took my shit home. This year I didn't do much free stuff because I was always doing stuff for art class. Here's the bulk of my projects from this year. Some of them suck, some of them are meh. You decide:

Product Illustration [for my corporate identity project]


I'm embarassed to post this cause even I hate it, but:

Corporate Identity Spread


Christmas Card [Just for fun]


Not very brootal, but whatever. Christmas is about sharing and shit, not about viking hordes pillaging and raping. Though it probably should be.

Lettering Design #1


Lettering Design #2


Lettering Project [still pretty rough even though it's been "done" for months.]


And, the moment some of you have been waiting for:

BEHOLD, CTHULHU! [illustration Project]


She gave me a 97. But it was like a month or so late so she took off five points. If you haven't yet graduated fifth grade or are intoxicated at this moment, that means it went down as a 92. But it still says 97 on the back with assloads of positive commentary. [The grey areas are highlighs from the flash, not actually in the picture.]

That's everything from class except my wire sculpture which is floating around somewhere. I'll use the picture from there.

Abstract Wire Sculpture


It's been modified since I took this picture. Nothing major changed, I just pulled the main form back and tucked that stray arm back [via Mr. Tim's comment]

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