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Fun with synthesizers


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Another cool idea would be to do what they did on KT. In Guitar Pro or Power Tabs or maybe even in a real recording, have someone write like 30 seconds of a song and then have someone write the next 30 seconds and see what happens.

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Well I know alot of musicians are around these boards, - last night and today I was playing with my keyboard and began to write a little synthy song. I recorded it all, and I shall post it below.

Heres the fun of the thread, alot of musicians around.... Make a song and post it up too!


Pretty cool. A little slow for my tastes, but good.

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I decided to see how shitty my computer microphone is for recording bass.

It's not that bad, for sitting next to an amplifier. I didn't play anything original however. I just dicked around, really. Played clips of Audioslave, Rage, and Rush, plus some other random dicking around =/

And some talking. =D

Anywho... Upload in a second. It's about 7 minutes long.



Here ya go. About two minutes of it's, well, random noises (me setting the mic in place and hooking up my amp =D)

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