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Walmart Sucks

Jae Hoon

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My parental units used to have a Corvette until the Wal-Mart employees proved that they are incapable of doing a fucking oil change. When my parents brought it back they put metal shavings in the engine and blamed the engine failure on us! Funny, I don't remember doing any engine modifications...

...but where else are you going to shop?

Target. They're slightly less evil, but much more fashionable about their evilness. They're like a dark blue denim jacket with a Venom patch on the back.

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...but where else are you going to shop?

Well if you live in the mid-west, you have good ol' Meijer. It's like Wal-mart, but not giant and evil.

I only go to Wal-mart because I have a couple friends who work there, so I like to bullshit with them for awhile when they're on the clock.

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Fuck that shit... Walmart kicks ass. I could care less about their status as Satanic-Megalo-Monopoly-Consumer-Eaters.

Last I checked... getting two new striped t-shirts, a pack of 12 socks, a beanie, and an AWESOME ass pair of swimtrunks for 15 bucks was pretty fucking awesome.

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There totally are. In fact, there's one that's like a ten minute drive from my justice lair. Not that I've ever actually been inside it, though.

I saw a nifty documentary on Wal-Mart sucking like a lollypop in a vacuum cleaner, though.

- Masked Man #2

Holy crip-crap. I guess that's what you get from going to Tukwila by yourself everynight, eh?

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I thought people would've liked Wal*mart haha, glad to know I'm not the only one who hates that store.

If anything I go to Target. :|

My mother shops there, low prices and the whatnot. I don't like Wal*mart for other reasons.

For Wal*mart, right now; it's not about saving and it really isn't about the people anymore.

Wal*mart is the only store here in Clewiston, it sucks because I have to drive 45 minutes to reach a target or rather the mall. So, most people here in this crappy town wear wal*mart clothes, so everyone basically looks the same.

I like Target because the designer for Target apparel is a Fashion designer so, he knows what tastes good and what doesnt.

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