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2006 NFL Playoffs


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Here we go, the playoff field is set. Post predictions if you want, and discussion on the games even. We are a mere 35 days away from XL as I type this.



My predictions:


Jacksonville @ New England (Will be a 20-10 or so game, close until the 4th)

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati (Slaughter, Cincy could put up 40)

New England @ Indianapolis (Close until the 4th. 31-23 or so)

Cincinnati @ Denver (Close, Keeping their last playoff win as Super Bowl XXXIII)

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis (Down to the wire 34-30)


Washington @ Tampa Bay (Two worst teams in the playoffs, will be a low scoring sleeper)

Carolina @ NY Giants (A learning experience for Eli, Tiki carries Giants to victory in a close game)

Washington @ Chicago (Defense.Wins.Championships. Unfortunately, their offense is too anemic.)

NY Giants @ Seattle (Massacre on an unholy scale. Alexander and Barber both post 120+ yard days.)

Chicago @ Seattle (Bears D keeps it close until a big Seattle defensive play blows game wide open)

Super Bowl XL

Indianapolis over Seattle (Why? Because nobody can beat the Colts in a game that actually matters.)

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I totally owned you guys in Fantasy Football!

I stopped caring somewhere along the line... well, forgetting to update my lineups.

And how about that cheap hit on Carson Palmer? I wouldn't be surprised to see the same hit attempted on Peyton next week.

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The refs failed in giving Indy the win today. Mainly due to Nick Harper being a fool and not cutting outside. Oh and... VANDERCHOKED!!!!

I hate the Steelers, but seeing the Colts lose feels so good even though I picked them winning it all. I don't care about failed predictions, I love it when Colts, Steelers, Eagles, or Redskins lose. I got 2 of those teams losing this weekend. And hopefully a third before the playoffs are over.

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What a game and what a fourth quarter! I thought I was going to have a heart attack... But WTF at the interception call though?! Worst call in NFL history! :angry:

I just wish the Steelers didn't stop blitzing and go prevent half way through the game. It wouldn't have been close if it wasn't for them doing that... I hate how they seem do that every time they get a lead!

Next week is going to be great and stressful at the same time.. Why does it have to be two of my favorite teams? (I'm a Steelers fan first and foremost, but the Broncos do come in second.)

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I still think the coin toss in that Pittsburgh-Detroit game was the worst call in NFL history. But the call yesterday was definitely bad too.

You guys never get a break with bad calls. It's almost like the NFL has a conspiracy against its most profitable franchise.

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Im going for Seattle all the way . Hopefully Shawn Alexander will recoup from his concussion before next weekend.

Hopefully indeed, because the Seachickens don't stand a chance at getting more than 60 yards on the ground without him.

Translation: They are DOOMED with Alexander in there.

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That was the worst officiated Super Bowl ever played. Here's a brief list copied and pasted from another forum of just a few of the ref errors.

1) Bad call on offensive pass interference on what should have been the first Seattle TD.

2) Big Ben did NOT score.

3) The Steelers held on Parker's TD.

4) The Steelers held on the Randle El to Ward TD.

5) There was no holding on the play that Stevens caught at the two, Seattle ended up punting when it got called back.

6) There was no holding on Seattle during the run back to midfield. They ended up punting from deep in their own territory.

7) In the first quarter there was no holding on a play that Seattle had gotten a first down on. Naturally they didn't convert and had to punt.

8) Hasselbeck cannot low block someone he's tackling. 15 more free yards for Pittsburgh.

9) The delay of game that was 2 seconds over the limit

10) The "fumble" that wasn't.

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It's a shame that the Steelers' fifth title will forever be remembered for the officiating. No team deserves a SB victory to be remembered as this game will always be known.





I'm really surprised to see such a sexy team as the Steelers get treated like this too. They've been one of the league's and media's dawgs for years because of the fact they are one the 4 "big" teams with Dallas, Washington, and the NY Giants whose popularity is national.

EDIT- An Bill Simmons is still god. "In the postgame show, after we hear from an emotional Cowher and MVP Hines Ward (hey, somebody had to win), Mike Tirico interviews Jerome Bettis (14 carries, 43 yards), who holds the trophy and stumbles through an endearing speech, finally announcing his retirement by saying, "I played this game to win a championship, I'm a champion, and I think the Bus, the last stop is here in Detroit."

If this were the WWE, the crowd would have cheered, Bettis would have held the trophy over his head, and then the Patriots' music would have started playing, followed by Belichick and Brady emerging to a chorus of boos, taunting Bettis with stuff like, "What's the matter, gettin' out while you can?" and "You're not the real champs until you go through us!" And then there would have been a huge fake brawl, followed by Bettis returning the following week for a tag-team match with Cowher as his partner.

In real life? Bettis walks off into the sunset with the trophy ... a nice lasting image for a crummy game. At least the Steelers covered. Until next season."

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I'd just like to say that I watched the first quarter of the Superbowl (probably the most football I've ever watched in one sitting) and won a dollar off a bet with my girlfriend.

I also found out that apparently one of my friends really cares about football (I had no idea, seriously. This guy sits in his house and plays Starcraft all day. Sometimes he comes to school). So, now he's mad at me because I bet on the Steelers.

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