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I'm gonna go through my list of what I have atm based in the order I see em scattered around the room. Anything with a star I really like.

Guitar Hero II*

Dead Rising*

Phantasy Star Universe

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Earth Defense Force 2017*

Splinter Cell: Double Agent


Marvel Ultimate Alliance


Fight Night: Round 3

Tomb Raider: Legend*

Rainbow Six: Vegas*

Hitman: Blood Money

Rockstar Presents: Table Tennis*

Call of Duty 2

Final Fantasy XI


Plus I have the following backwards compatible titles:


Halo 2

Spider-Man 2*

Jet Set Radio Future*

Panzer Dragoon*

Knights of the Old Republic*

Knights of the Old Republic II*

Fable: The Lost Chapters*

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas*

Jade Empire*



Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory*

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge*

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Guitar Hero 2



Dead or Alive 4

Ridge Racer 6

Viva Pinata

Perfect Dark Zero

Quake 4 - erm...nm, this one sucks, I have it tho


Burnout Revenge

Soon to own Forza Motorsport 2

Call of Duty 2

LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth

Lego Star Wars II

Final Fantasy XI

Dead Rising - awesome capcom game

i THINK that's all of my collection (and my brothers)

only one's i don't enjoy are call of duty, and quake 4

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I've been thinking of gettin a 360 for a while, but I'm still trying to figure out which games I would get for it. Those of you that have one, which games to you have and which of those do you really like?

360? What the hell is this? They think they smart? This ain't GEOMETRY. We're here to play some GAMES.

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wait is that a Tomb raider game that doesn't suck?.. I mean after Angel of Darkness I wanted to wretch.

Angel of Darkness is the game that got Core kicked off the series. This one was made by Crystal Dynamics. The guys who do the Soul Reaver / Legacy of Kain Series after Silicon Knights booked it.

It's pretty good to boot.

What 360 does, PS3 does prettier.

Pretty much not true. Any game that's on both tends to look better on the 360 except for Oblivion which didn't launch simultaneously. However PS3 exclusive games look amazing. There's just not many of them that are worthwhile and currently buyable.

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