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Take your shot. Line them up.

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That's right. Say everything that's wrong about me.

I need to hear this.

I'll start-

1. I have a fat face.

2. I'm a freak.

3. I am going to neurotically obsess over what else is wrong with me until people finally tell me because I'm too blind to see it for myself.

Your turn. Anything is fair game.

It's a big help, thanks.

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you always talk about people you know IRL as if everyone at AE knew them as well


so stephanie told me that bla bla bla but when colin heard that he totally FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT and nearly beat the living shit out of Mark! it was INSANE!

yeah, kinda like that

edit: come to think of it, it doesn't really mean anything is necessarily wrong with you, it's just a pet peeve of mine

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You need to stop torturing siendra and just go see the man and sex him up. You're the only girl that kinda wants him/wanted him and he needs to sex. It's bad enough he has his mum coming onto hero. Just go sex the man up.

I keep inviting him here, but he's not showing up. XD I'm single now and everything.

you look better/cuter than me


(post noodz)

:ohmy: I do not!

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"You're chance to say exactly what you think."

Tsk tsk, Alicia. That was grammatically incorrect. I believe you mean to say "Your chance to say exactly what you think." What you said is "You are chance..." Which doesn't make any sense.

Besides that... You listen to music I don't like. WOOOH BIG PROBLEM. I think it's rad that you're going to graduate school, though.

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Seriously, though, Dreamer, I don't really know you well enough to talk about all your faults (I think that you have to know someone pretty well before you can start criticizing them) but it really seems like you're a good person.

People who don't know me well are more likely to be honest.

Besides, I'm not a very "know-able" person.

And guys please! This is serious! :(

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CF makes a very good point. I have always said it doesn't mean shit what other people think of you but what you think of yourself. But then again a significant other's opinion could also mean quite alot. or friends. But people who generally don;t know you that well shouldn't matter/the general public.

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