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Accelerated Evolution

Accelerated Evolution: The Mystic RPG Quest!

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Inspired by a recent thread in the new members section, I have decided to open up an actual RPG section in Super Happy Fun Time Zone. Here are some of the guidelines.

1. Stay within the appropriate time line! This being a medieval storyline, I don't want to see lightsabers or Wookies or something like that, take that to the Accelerated Evolution: A Time in Space RPG Quest. (Which so happens takes place in a giant space station similar to Deep Space Nine.)

2. Use your imaginations! It's not that hard, really.

3. Keep it fun. Remember, this is the Super Happy Fun Time Zone. (Incidentally, it's lacking a lot of fun in this place.)

And so the story begins!

When outcast from the evil AnimeNation nation started to bully the citizens with stricter policies and rules. Wanting to live life carefree, the small group ventured forth through the thick forest while managing to get several more wanderers on their quest. Now, it has been years later and what turned out a small city is still... a small city. People come and people go, but it still exists despite what the naysayers said when the small group left. Nestled between the great forest and an impressive mountain range, the city still stands as a place for people to just live life however they want.

As the founder and leader of the Jack of All Trades academy, it is my duty to train students to participate in task ranging from deliveries to slaying monsters that happened to come down from the mountainside or forests. So, whenever you need something done, you can count on us at the Jack of All Trades.

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Crube looked back and forth between the newcomers. Well, at least the wizard can heal the samurai just in case he gets injured. "Okay then... with that settled, I want you to deliver this box of silver candle holders to the old store near the mountain ridge. Orcs have been spotted, so be careful!"

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A dark character, covered in tattered clothing (most of which is black, brown, or another dark neutral color, and it appears as if the character is wearing a large robe, nobody knows what he wears underneath it except the man himself) descends from the forest into the city. As he draws near, he pulls out a small handgun and walks around cautiously, as if looking for something.

After mulling around for a short while (and receiving strange looks), he finds his reward -- A bar.

He walks inside, and hears a voice.

"Hey! Welcome to the Red Dragon Tavern. Have a seat and stay awhile."

The dark character (whose name is Eonis Swiftwind) jerks his head over towards the bartender, then places his handgun back under the robe-like garment and has a seat.

"Something hard."

The bartender turns around, holding a small glass, and finds a specific barrel. He hits the tap and fills the glass so it's almost full. Eonis take the glass and begins drinking from it, then places a few shiny coins down on the counter.

"One drink doesn't cost that much, sir."

"I know. What made you think I want only one drink?"

Eonis finishes his drink and slams the glass back down on the counter.

"Something new."

The bartender finds a small glass bottle with some writing scrawled on it and pours it into the same glass, then Eonis takes it and begins to leave.

"Uh, sir? You forgot your change."

"Put it on my tab. I'll be back."

Eonis walks out, then finds the city square (which is quite small compared to some of the cities he's been to, but people don't know this) and finds a place to sit. He sits, in the shade, sipping his drink. After he finishes it, he throws the glass. When it doesn't break, he pulls out his handgun and shoots it. This grabs the attention of some of the townspeople.

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As soon as the two adventurers head out on their task, Crube headed out for a nice rest. It is interesting to see that his little business is doing decent especially in such a small place.

"What the hell was that?" He jerked his head to the source of the noise. Damn, this could either be good or a bad thing. Then again, he might need a gunslinger for harder deliveries.

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GummyBear and SD set off on their journey. No sooner had they started down the path then several bandits leaped out of the bushes, brandishing swords.

"Now," said one of the bandits, "Give us all your treasure and you won't get hurt!"

"Heh," SD smirked, "You clowns don't know who you're dealing with! I'm the famous warrior SD! Known around these parts for my ability to slay anything that moves. Maybe you've heard of me."

"Uh... sure..." said the lead bandit. "I think I've heard that name once... or twice... or... never..."

"What, have you been living under a rock? Whatever. Gummy, you grab anything of value these morons have on them. We need to get these silver candle holders to the store; as well as this much-needed-popcorn to the village of Cineplex 14."

Crube Edit: Psst... Cineplexes in the Medieval era?

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Eonis sighs.

"What a boring little town. Hopefully I can find some work."

He opens up a small pouch holding some money. He pours the contents out into his hand and counts the coins.

"Piss. I've only got 7 gold pieces. This won't last me long. A loaf of bread and a few more drinks, maybe."

He puts the coins back into the pouch and ties it closed, then stashes it behind his robes.

"Perhaps I should find a cheap place to stay for the night."

He looks around to find an inn, and when he finds it, he notes that the price is more than he has.

He goes back to the town square, takes off his robe, exposing tight leather clothing and numerous leather gunbelts (filled with weapons), a large hand-cannon strapped to his left leg, and a rifle slung over his back. On his right leg are pouches of gunpowder and lead shot. He lies down and covers himself in the robe, after placing his right hand on one of his smaller handguns.

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Crube shook his head and headed towards the fountain. Just maybe he can get more people to join in.

"Excuse me sir!" Crube grinned, a foot planted on the ledge. "Maybe you are better off in a job? How about something that encompasses from deliveries to slaying?"

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Eonis jerks one of his handguns out, aims it at the stranger, and pulls the trigger. The gun doesn't fire... it merely clicks.

"...Damn. Who exactly are you, bothering me as I try to go to sleep? And what's this talk of work?"

He takes his handgun, removes the lead bullet and begins to remove the gunpowder, right as it fires (with no bullet in the barrel) and lets out a loud crack and a billow of smoke right in Eonis's face.


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"Sure, sure... but the place to stay? Well, you will have to look that up on your own." Crube smirked as he entered into the building. "But, the first thing? I want you to back up on these two adventurers... they are SD and Gummy... weird names I know, but they should be on the northwest route to a small store."

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"Sure, sure... but the place to stay? Well, you will have to look that up on your own." Crube smirked as he entered into the building. "But, the first thing? I want you to back up on these two adventurers... they are SD and Gummy... weird names I know, but they should be on the northwest route to a small store."

"Alright... And thank you."

Eonis pulled out a small compass, found northwest, and began running in that direction. Not too long after he began, he ran into two people surrounded by a gang of thugs/bandits.

"This should be easy."

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Crube Edit: Psst... Cineplexes in the Medieval era?

"It's a Futurama reference, you dunderhead!" Yelled SD (somewhat OOC...). "Not to mention, Cineplex could just be the name of the town. I'm sure it's rooted in a Latin word... or something..."

SD coughed.

"Anyway, we need to get a move on. This fetch quest won't complete itself! Right now candles might be sitting on tables without holders, which would make them easier to tip over, starting a fire that would kill hundreds!"

SD noticed the stranger sidling up to the oddball group.

"No need to involve yourself in this, pal. We've got it taken care of," he tried to explain, as the forest of weapons from the bandits bristled around him.

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SD nodded. "Yup, I'm the one." He pointed to Gummy. "This here is Gummy, our token wizard- a master of AoE damage and a healer. If you help us take these guys out you can have some of the loot."

"Why are you dividing up our loot before we've even fought?!" Yelled the bandit. "You're the ones who're going to die!" He lunged for SD.

SD smiled confidently. "Too slow!"

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GummyBear the Wizard saw one more Bandit hiding off in the corner shaking. "Hah!, they thought they could hide from my spells" GummyBear then casted a horrible enchant which turned the bandit into stone. "Eh, maybe I should have used another spell, his sword looked like a fine weapon and it is of no use in stone."

"Where shall we go next?" GummyBear then covered himself in his brown elven robes to blend into the surrounding area incase of attack.

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