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Accelerated Evolution

Accelerated Evolution: A Time in Space RPG Quest!

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Inspired by a recent thread in the new members section, I have decided to open up an actual RPG section in Super Happy Fun Time Zone. Here are some of the guidelines.

1. Stay within the appropriate time line! This being a futuristic storyline, I don't want to see Excalibur or elves or something like that, take that to the Accelerated Evolution: The Mystic RPG Quest. (Which so happens takes place in a small village back in the medieval times. No, not the theme restaurant.)

2. Use your imaginations! It's not that hard, really.

3. Keep it fun. Remember, this is the Super Happy Fun Time Zone. (Incidentally, it's lacking a lot of fun in this place.)

And so the story begins!

Past the deep reaches of the Milky Way, there lies the future... the last outpost before future space adventurers go out into the deep dark space. Accelerated E-X7500 is the latest model of space stations that the Earth Federation has created and possibly the last one after the incident on the great moon of Galathaar 18. It's primary functions is to welcome any new species to the section of space and hopes to promote peace.

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Ok so here is the first reply to your story.

After six months of peace since the opening of the Accelerated E-X7500 space lizards who species are call gerlons attack the space station with ion cannons thus thrusting the space station into and epic battle for the survival of man kind.

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Suddenly, in comes Sir Galahad 2.0, Amazing Space Knight and Interspacular Tank Commander Extraordinaire!

He and his battalion of Interspacular Tanks quickly mop up the advance party of lizard people. Striking a winning pose, he says,

"Looks like they didn't plan for good old human ingenuity." He then runs his hand through his long, blonde hair and makes out with seven women.

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