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Accelerated Evolution

Aixelag - [re:mixia]


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Turn Tables + Death Metal + Hip Hop + Industrial + Dance = Aixelag

Welcome to the premier, modern style Turn Table created music. Mixing bands such as NIN, Meshuggah, Dream Theater, Toshinnoir Kondo, Agalloch, In Flames, Chroma Key, Morrissey, OSI, The Beatles & many more into eachother and into Galexia. With plenty of scratches, and constant changes moments become oddly danceable, to soundscapes of sonic noise, and back into moments of beauty.

This was for fun, and will not appeal to everyone (thats for sure) it gets too scracthy and chaotic at times... but if your looking for something very unique and interesting to listen to.. check this out.

I got the idea from those underground DJ's who mix like Rap with The beatles etc etc. Imagine that type of project, except more n00b and with cool music.

THIS IS A LIVE RECORDING. NO SECOND TAKES. It's as if I was djing it at a club... so mistakes stay.

01 - Bard (No Flash Photography, Please)

02 - In Candle Flames

03 - Limbs Drowning

04 - So Garden Easy

05 - Reoctavate

06 - Forsaken Satellite

07 - Hurt Gaze

08 - Because the Reactor is Blue

09 - Accelerated Every Light

10 - Images of Toshinori

11 - Not China White, Right

12 - Bottoms and Guns


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