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#5 Thou shalt not post materials concerning bestiality, including interracial relationships.

God did not intend for different species or races to intermingle sexually. Any content that contradicts this natural law, directly or indirectly, is strictly forbidden.

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How to Spot a Violation

While our database contains many of the websites that are in obvious violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy, it is not uncommon to come across websites that seem to be fine, but in actuality are some of the worst violators of all. It is these websites that can easily be mistaken for perfectly acceptable content that are the most dangerous to our children.

It is important to keep an eye out, and constantly ask yourself if what you are seeing is in violation or not. Some perfectly innocent looking sites can actually turn out to be blatantly profane sources of perversity for an unsuspecting young child. Instead of trying to enumerate every single thing to look out for, here are some examples for you to learn from and think about.

Example #1: Baby Photos Website. Everybody loves looking at babies! A baby photo website with pictures of babies from all over the world would be a wonderful attraction. There is, however, a common misconception that portraying infants in the nude is an acceptable practice, since the genitalia is not yet well-formed enough to be considered profane. This is far from the case! You and I may not get impure thoughts from looking at innocent babies, but there are perverts out there who do! By providing pictures of babies at all, and especially in the nude, this fictional website would only be fueling these perverts' desires and making society a more dangerous place to live in. This website should certainly be added to our database as a pornography offender.

Example #2: Children's Dinosaur Stories. You might think that a site that contains stories about dinosaurs for children would be innocent—but let's stop and think about that for a moment. If you read the bible (you should, it's great!) you know that dinosaurs never actually existed, and that God put those fossils and bones there to test our faith in Him. While the stories themselves may not contain any offensive material, the simple fact that they are about dinosaurs may cause a child to question his faith in the one true God. By blaspheming, this site is in violation of the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and should be added to our database.

Example #3: Family Farm Website. A personal website detailing one's adventures on the family farm sounds like a lot of fun! Especially if there are photos of the farm animals and equipment. Such a website would be very entertaining to old and young minds alike! But imagine that some of the photos of animals included the animal genitalia in plain site. This is hardly something that young children should be looking at, and especially not to be associated with the joy of viewing a fun website. By associating a feeling of joy with animal genitalia, this website would be an extreme danger to children and should definitely be added to the Net Authority database as a bestiality offender.

As you can see, even some of the most innocent-seeming websites should actually be considered some of the most offensive and dangerous of all. Keeping this in mind, it should become easier in time for you to spot offensive websites. It is important to report these violations to us using the form below, so that others may benefit from your find as well.

are we sure this site is not a joke?


can we keep it plzzz

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