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Accelerated Evolution

My New Prose

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Ok after posting the last two writings, I went completely crazy with ideas and outlined a trilogy of books and I ended actually creating Creation. What I post here is the umbrella for ALL future stories I write no matter what they are (though This Introduction of sorts isnt emphasized in any except this huge three part tale). I "created Creation" also cause its a way of tying everything I ever write together and coming up with other stories involving it down the line.

And the file here - http://rapidshare.com/files/38954005/Prologue.doc.html - is the official prologue, except VERY VERY different than the other. The 'other prologue' I posted would be the new beginning to the second book. It's pretty long, about five pages in word. And if anyone decides to read, PLEASE be a harsh critic, I want to improve on everything I do. The story isn't going where anyone thinks it's going either, the beginning makes it sound like it is going to turn out like many other stories though. The society I'm trying to create is that of a Medieval Atlantis type thing. Also the names are bizarre so here's pronounciation...

Carf-Nhet - (carf-kneehet)

Iade-Rya - (ee-odd-ree-a)

Nhethet (knee-ith-et) (boys' first name are their names and the last name is part of their fathers name, same with girls, except their mothers' name)

Idol-Carf - I-dal-carf)


An Introdution To What Is

In the moments preceding time, creation was born. Onto the darkness rose a seven-pointed shape. Split into seven equal pieces, it marked the commencing of Reality. Reality is all planes of existences, one per piece, as a whole. Each existence is one universe, and it’s mirror parallel universe. On select planets of each, there are portals to the other planes. The portals are impossible shapes only visible to those with a free mind and a pure heart. Existence 1 is a host to failed life forms. Existence 2 holds a mythological universe full of elves, faeries, trolls, dwarfs, and the like. Existence 3 is the universe of normality. Although the third, it’s considered the “mid-universe” full of humans and similar races. Existence 4 and 5 are completely lifeless, five being habitable, while four is left over dark matter from the birth of time. Existence 6 is the abstract universe, similar to Existence 3 except full of designs and horrifying abominations. And the final universe… Existence 7 - the gray universe. Since it’s creation it’s been a war between the angels and their higher ranks against demonic scum of the underworld. Per existence a few dimensions defined as small, secret, secluded rooms apart from everything…

Before time, there was darkness. In the darkness, lived The Nether Ones…twenty immortal all-knowing shadow entities neither good nor evil. One piece of knowledge escaped them… the creation of Reality. This spontaneous cataclysm banished them to Existence 4… until a tear in Reality itself spread them across the planes…

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