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When I was in school and took art as an elective, I wasn't really happy cause I felt like when I had the class that my work started to slip cause it was stuff I felt like I had to do instead of wanted to do. Well, school's been out for almost a month and I'm finding it hard to get inspired/motivated to draw and do basic art stuff like I used to do all the time. I have a project idea or two, but I just "don't feel like it" recently. It may have to do with being tired after work, but I mean like, I had off today and still nothing. I even bought new stuff recently. I picked up some sketch/drawing pads and I'd wanted to pick up painting for a while, so I went with my friend and they showed me stuff, so I got some acrylics and brushes and stuff and have been fucking around with that for a little while. What do you folks do in said situation? I mean I actually sat on my bed a few days ago and got out my sketchbook and some pencils and just sat there and to this day my new pads are empty. It's almost like an art depression. And I need to shape up if I'm going to start taking classes in fall at the college, so do I need inspiration or what can I do to get motivated?

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anytime i need a kick in the pants i just look at work by a bunch of artists i dig and try to pick out exactly what i like about them. then i think, "how could i use this to make MY art better?" and work from there

a REALLY great thing is just to grab your sketch pad and draw ANYTHING you can get your hands on: photos, other drawings, your cell phone, whatever

and go to the library, look up "acrylic painting" and peruse some instructional books. the guys who write those things always toss in their own quirky little techniques. great stuff

also bone up on your art history. there are sooooo many artists out there waiting for you to discover them

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I assume this applies to visual art as well (although I'm more of a writer); often, I'll just not work for awhile because I'm being lame or something. What I usually have to do is do something crazy like take a notebook to a park and not come home until I've filled three pages with story ideas. Haha. So I'd recommend doing something like that.

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