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Eastern Promises (David Cronenberg and Viggo Mortensen back together)

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I had been gradually hyping this small little film to Gil lately. Anyone who enjoyed quite much A History of Violence by Cronenberg and Mortensen should make an effort to catch their upcoming second collaboration: Eastern Promises.

From the look of the trailer the film seems to have a bit more action than A History of Violence. It also looks to follow-up on the gangster side of the previous film's theme. Mortensen looks lean and scary in the trailer all tatted up. I do now that this movie may end up getting released in the U.S. either as a very hard R-rating or NC-17 due to a fight scene with Viggo and some mob hitmen. The trailer shows glimpses of it. The reason for an NC-17 if Cronenberg doesn't make any changes to the sequence is due to Viggo fighting his opponents while in the nude. More than fists and feet are swinging free in this very extended fight as described by some who have already seen an advance screening in the UK.

Eastern Promises

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