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Huh, at first I thought this was about the hacker con.

Anyway, this looks REALLY cool.

I got really pissed while downloading it. This is probably due to the fact that my download froze like 4 times because of my crappy connection. That, and I've been up all night in an attempt to be able to sleep at a decent hour. I only found this because I've been doing that, though. I've been feeling half-dead all day, so I just typed in *dies* into a Google search. This was the first result. Funny how things work, eh?

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It's a fun game, but, like all the other games by that company (Uplink, and Darwinia) I got bored pretty fast. Uplink was a super awesome game, though, what I played of it, but it got pretty repetitive.

DEFCON is a pretty fun game but it's really, really hard.

this game is pretty excellent if you play it with like 3 or more people with ventrilo or other voice-chat. the games usually last about 20-30 minutes so its not hard to get alot of experience fast.

it is assuredly not a game that you can just pickup and get good at like alot of other games.

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