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John's Recording thread


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So...I spent about an hour or two today recording a song I wrote to be performed by my band. All I recorded were the guitars but there's probably at least 10 tracks for them. Man I wish I knew how to use Cubase. Anyway, here it is. No name..nothing. Just a song.

Here it is.

Next on the horizon? Me jamming over a backing track I found.

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It's sitting on my desktop and I've been meaning to give it a serious listen. Sorry I haven't gotten around to it yet, I've been busy. :/ I listened to about half of it and it sounded really good! (kind of sad I can't get like five minutes together to listen to one song, eh?)

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It's all good. But you did see that I uploaded a new version with drums? Definitely check that one out. It's very :headbang:. I'm pretty sure I'm close to having a vocal melody thought up so that'll come along in the next couple of days and I'll just have to record a bass track soon.

Ken, I'm uploading to Yousendit. You need to check it. I'm sure you're gonna dig it even more.


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Thanks for the YouSendIt up. It just finished. Time to listen, will edit once I hear it.

Definitely added to it in a big way. Love the odd times the second time you go back to the clean. Are these programmed drums? I can't imagine micing your Pearl. If it's programmed...that's pretty organic sounding. I heard some double bass, so I'll guess programmed. If not, nice. Regardless, I'm looking forward to a finished product. You doing vokills?

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Yeah, they're programmed using EZDrummer with the Drumkit From Hell expansion. And actually there are no odd time signatures. Just a weird rhythm. If you listen to the cymbal hits they're basically always on the 1-2-3-4. It always throws off the drummer in my band. :tongue:

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