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Getting new guitar and amp


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I have the Line 6 Spider III 120W, so let me tell you something: It's not a bad amp, but you need to tweak the fuck out of it to get it to sound just right. A lot of the presets kind of suck and unless you know what you're doing you may just get mud. Have you looked into other types like tube, transtube, etc. Some people hate the whole digital thing. Mostly tube snobs, but you know. There's a significant difference. Go to Guitar Center or something and try some other stuff out. Do your research and don't just go off of user reviews. Look at a few other possibilities and try them out for yourself.

Ibanez RG's are really good guitars. Both my six and seven are Ibanez RG's [ibanez RG350DX & Ibanez RG7321]. Granted, I need to swap out the pickups, but that's something you do with most guitars. They're fairly versatile and I think they're a good choice. I've never heard of the one you're looking at though. A few things to consider: I know first hand the extent to which floating trems can be a pain in the balls, so make sure you're ready for that. It takes a considerable amount of responsibility to manage them, but they're fun. You can always block them too, which I wouldn't suggest because then why not just get a fixed bridge? There's also a reverse headstock which isn't necessarily a problem, it's just awkward for some people [like me]

I could help you more if you tell me what your style is or what you intend to play.

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Yeah, that looks like a great guitar to play Metallica on! :awesome:

Anyway, since you sound like a beginner, the amp looks like a good idea. I mean, a lot of people aren't ready to put down $800+ on an amp until they've been playing for a long time so I'd say that's a good choice. A better choice would be to go to Guitar Center or Sam Ash or any music store around you and just try random amps until you find one that you like.

In terms of guitars, that floating bridge/locking tremolo system will be a pain in the ass. It's definitely a good thing to learn how to do but you'll just have to evaluate whether or not you're willing to put the effort into learning how to work those things right now. Again, just go to the store and try different guitars before deciding based on looks or user reviews from the internet.

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Only thing I will be playing is Metallica, maybe some Zeppelin, and Maiden.

Also, a guy who knows guitars and amps very well suggested these too me. But those are the bands I'll be playing, just lemme know if those 2 are a good idea for Metallica.

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Well, I think Metallica's guitarist(s) are endorsed by ESP/LTD and EMG pickups. So, in theory, if you get an ESP or LTD with EMGs in it. You now sound like Metallica. I think they also recently switched to Line 6 gear wise. Or was it Megadeth?

edit: Yeah I just checked, Hammet and Hetfield are endorsed by the following:

Line 6 [There's even a "For Whom The Bell Tolls" [preset on mine, but it sucks]



I'm not sure why you're in love with their tone though, I've never found it to be too distinctive.

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what are you planning on playing? For lead i would get something with a slim fast neck like an Ibanez or Jackson. Also, try to avoid floyd rose tremellos, especially since you are a new guitarist because its a pain in the ass to change the strings and keep it in tune if a string breaks or if you want to use alternate tunnings

I would suggest getting an Ibanez gio (lead) or agile les paul for metal. You can then change out pickups to a 81/85 or 81/81 emg set and still come out cheaper



as for amps i suggest a Roland cube 30, or a Behringer V-Ampire LX210 over the line 6



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I just said I would be playing Metallica and Led Zeppelin, read my post =/ :(....

I prolly won't get the line 6 spider, I dunno, I'm wanting a Marshall.

As for guitars go, I like Metallica's tone, they're what I listen to all the time, if you don't know that, you haven't read 1 post I've made at AE :P. I dunno how I could get a guitar with the EMG81/85 pickups unless Guitar Center sells a guitar I want with the pickups built in.

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Well, he just suggested a cheaper Ibanez and then said to buy new pickups. Read his post. :biggrin: You can buy pickups for guitars and change them out. It's not like the stock pickups a guitar comes with are the only ones you can ever have in it.

Anyway, your not going to be able to nail Metallica tones with anything in your price range. They used Mesa Rectifier Half Stacks which are going to run you like 2 grand so just go try amps out to see what you like the most.

Edit: Actually, they might have used Mark II C+s, I don't remember. Those are discontinued so they don't matter anyway.

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RG's are nice and shreddy i love them. It would be a great starter guitar, better than the one i had.

The practice amp looks pretty sketchy, i would just get a fender or peavey starter amp and maybe a shitty distortion pedal, it will be great to start out on, but it might cost you something like 20 bucks more.

but just for reference, Get a tube amp when you get more serious.

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