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My new toy - Roland V-Tour


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Sup guys, as some of you may have read - I dropped 2K on one of these fancy new "Roland V-Tour" electronic Drum Sets. They have 100+ full kit sounds ranging from Jazz, Indie, Rock, Heavy Metal, to Trance, Bongos, and Old-school Hip-Hop. You can customize each drum head on the custom kit option so you can have heavy metal double bass, with electronic snare and Jazz toms for example...

This video is my first Custom Kit, using some "X-Rocker" drum choices, along with some electronic drums on some of the toms. I think it has an awesome blending sound for Industrial Music... heres a video of my just jamming out testing the into PC sound quality.



(Thats the set, except I have a hi-hat set up... and in the pic they dont o_O)

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