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I know I've brought this up before, but it's getting worse and worse. She never cooks. My headaches are back today I thought they were gone when I went to the doctor for a re-check on Friday. I guess not. My doctor said it could be stress, hormones, or eating. I am guessing eating. I can't take headaches every day. Asking her to cook is like hey can you give me 2000$? I need it by 5pm. It's just a thing she refuses/doesn't want to do. I asked her just now "Could you please cook again? my headaches are back" she's like "what do you want Adam?!" i say "I'm not asking for anything special I just wish you would go back to the way you used to"

well so yeah.

It all started years ago when she met Dennis. My dad died when i was 6 and she goes out w/ him all day long and all night. I never see food. I'm tired of living off Ravioli and Spaghettios, and Wendy's.

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Learn how to cook for yourself.

No kidding.

I'll agree that your mother should have a hand in your nutrition, but you're bitching and whining about a problem that is ridiculously easy to solve. You complain about only eating instant stuff - fun fact: there's a ton of things out there that are easy to make.

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My mother is the same way. She doesn't cook at all, ever since she started working. I never expect anyone to cook for me, now that I am old enough to do it myself. But my issue is that she never buys groceries, either. My cupboards are literally empty, or just filled with granola bars and small shit like that. However, she did get me a credit card that she pays for, so she allows me to buy groceries when I need them with it. That is how my problem was solved. I pretty much don't eat otherwise.

Maybe you could offer to cook if she would buy things that you want to eat? Your mother probably is just feeling defensive and degraded, I mean, I guarantee that with many females, it's a bit offensive to be told that they are expected to cook.

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