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Accelerated Evolution

WTF or Good for Education?

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i heard about something like this a while back. yeah it's weird to sit around watching someone decay, but it's also INTERESTING to learn just what's happening in there

i think it would be more interesting if they had a picture of her while still alive, or shortly after death for a comparison.

with that said, my feeling about this=meh.

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OH MY GOD! I WANT TO BE A REEF! That way, if my family (or whatever) wants to visit me, they ALSO have an excuse to go scuba diving! They'll be like, "Hey kids, wanna visit daddy?" and the kids'll be like, "YAAAAAAY!"

Hahaha! That's a great plan!

Oh, and;

Here I lie on wet sand

I will not make it home

I clench my sword in my hand

Say farewell to those I love

When I am dead

Lay me in a mound

Place my weapons by my side

For the journey to Hall up high

When I am dead

Lay me in a mound

Raise a stone for all to see

Runes carved to my memory

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