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Accelerated Evolution

This is just unbelievable... ('_' )

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Fucking ridiculous. Hopefully the mother will get put away for awhile and the child gets a good home.

Though, if I had a mother like that and was around that fat young spoiled white bitch who kept yammering on like that all the time I'd ask for E too.

Also, in before lol Christan radio.

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Houston police say the YouTube clip that appears to show a two-year-old girl on ecstasy is nothing but a hoax. In the video you hear women off-camera use the word "rolling," which is a slang term for those who are on the illegal drug.

Police in Houston say the girl was showing off a trick she learned from watching a horror movie. The teenager who shot the video tried to explain how it got out of hand.

"My friend had put it on YouTube as 'Rolling, Rolling, Rolling,' then someone made it into 'Mother feeds her baby ecstasy,' and then someone else made it."

Medical tests are being done on the girl, but police say she appears to be just fine."

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