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The online shopping thread~


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Yep, our very own thread! Better known as the "get Alicia into trouble thread". This is the place to discuss things you can buy online, and give out recommendations, etc. And make sure to let everyone know about the sales!


Starring Fragrances- I just put my first order in here but they have really great customer service. I forgot to put in my 15% off code and emailed her, and she refunded me right away with no problem. I have one sample from there, and it's pretty nice but I was worried because her perfumes contain alcohol, but now she makes it so you can request she uses oil instead! I noticed lots of yummy foody scents, but after doing some checking she also has some florals, a couple resins, and some guy smells too. Plus, the wax tarts are a great deal right now at $1 each. There's also customized perfumes available but her note choices on those seem to be all foody. They ship out right away, so while they are sometimes out of stock, they're turn around times are quick. She gives out samples with every order, but it varies as to how many.

Special promotions- Get 15% off your very first order. Code- NEW

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab- Going to keep this short, since we have a thread for it here. Check it out. Their turn around time can range from 2-4 weeks usually, but it's all made fresh. They give out samples with every order, depending on how much/what you buy.

MMU Cosmetics- I know it says cosmetics, but they're all smellies and lotions. The really great thing is that they also offer unscented lotions, so you can buy them and scent it however you want. They offer 20% off their fragrances of the month, and there's a lot to choose from. Plus, when you register you get a 10% off coupon you can use at any time. The only downfall is that it can take up to five weeks to receive your order, but they are like BPAL in the fact that they make it after you order. I'm going to order some samples of their lotions to see what I think, and I'll let you all know. Plus, there's a LOT of scents to choose from. They also carry body wash and other things as well. They give samples out with every order, but I'm not sure how many or anything yet.

Promotions- 10% off when you register.

Wellington Fragranes- This is a wholesale place. There's just about every scent you could ever look for here. They offer cosmetic and grades just for scenting, plus lotion bases, dilluting oil, shea butter, etc. The major downfall however, is that if you order less than $100, there's a $10 service charge. At only $1.50 per 1/2 ounce though, it's not an awful buy. I haven't ordered anything yet, but someone told me they have a scent that's just like Midway by BPAL. You get three samples with every order under $100. 5 if it's over $100.

Love Potion Perfumes- I really recommend their original. It's just so pretty. Their samples are a really good deal. They are about twice the size as the normal samples, and you get 10 of them for $30, which includes shipping. She also sends out two normal size samples for free when you do that. Her bottles seem a little more pricey, but I'll let you know if that's for certain once I buy one. (I might just be bad at converting ounces to milliliters.) Oh, and this is the ONLY place I've found a chocolate note that works with my skin.


Sephora- Also has some great name brand perfumes, but just tons of makeup. They have awesome brands like Urban Decay, Sugar, Hard Candy, and more. Plus, Go Smile has some awesome teeth whitening stuff. (Don't get the expensive ones, the touch ups work great in general and are only like $8) You also get free samples and packaging with every order.

Promotions- SKINFAQ1 gets you an extra free sample. Sign up for beauty rewards and get a free birthday gift if you order the week of your birthday.

Aromaleigh- Mineral makeup! I'll let Vampy do most of the talking on this, because I just placed my first sample order the other day and it hasn't arrived yet. They usually give out three free samples with evey order.

Promotions- Free shipping on sample orders, plus $5 off your first order if you spend $20. There's also a ton more promotions here.

I'll let someone else cover clothing and other things, because I don't know of anywhere. :(

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I don't use my credit card!

I use my checking account and paypal. (and have been working my butt off. XD )


is there a parental lock on Paypal then:-p jus kiddin.

I understand..but I don't see a Hello Kitty website on there...hmm are you getting tired of it?

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is there a parental lock on Paypal then:-p jus kiddin.

I understand..but I don't see a Hello Kitty website on there...hmm are you getting tired of it?

The store has a lot more stuff than the website. Plus I get at least 4 free things everytime I go there, and punches in my punch card for bigger free things.

Seriously, if you're looking for Hello Kitty you have got to go to the store.


So, no, I'm not getting tired. :hardgay: Going through withdrawls actually. Anyone feel like driving me to Chicago?

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http://www.thewarstore.com/ -- I've never actually ordered anything from here but if I were going to order models online, I'd do it here. Prices are slashed quite a bit for whatever reason, and supposedly the service is excellent.

http://store.privateerpress.com/ -- Faction patches for Warmachine, and a bits service (kind of pricy, but then, it's literally the only way you can get privateer press bits).

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I got my Starring order today! I was really satisfied. The only complaint I have is that because she has to ship ground, the postal service takes forever to deliver it. (She ships the next businiess day though.) That had me a little paranoid for the past week. But anyways, I really like her scents. I'm going to order some more Friday. ^_^

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The Hunger Site Store

XD It is kind of designed for 50 year old rich liberal women, but they have a lot of fair trade jewelry that isn't too expensive, there is a lot of cute stuff if you look hard enough. The pendants all have this ugly snake-style chain but if you already have a necklace, you could just use that chain. They also make a small donation to food aid charities with each order. I don't entirely agree with how food aid to Africa etc . is done, so that's not a perk for me, but fair trade is always good to support

I just bought:



the brown one


the brown one. haha

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