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Arcenstone's Poetry

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This is some poetry I wrote, some months ago, some recent. I keep becoming doubtful of my 'ability' to write, so I'm asking to hear some more opinions. I have my own interpretations, but they're all open to others. Enjoy.

Bygone Times

Welcome to Polaria, where are you from?

Which of the other six, Aryan I presume?

"Who are you?" you ask.

This is the Polarian plane of which you bask!

"What's happening? Have I died?"

Calm yourself. You no longer cry.

Lay your spirit unto the ethereal gardens.

And venture to civilizations of yesterday...

Welcome to Hyperborea, is this the motherland you know?

Far up in the frozen north? The lands of ice and snow?

Did your society fall to glacial flow? This is the land

that called "The Men of Gold!" Did you see

one thousand nights and one thousand days in lights?

"I am eighty-three?" Then you aren't they or me.

Welcome to Lemuria, is there a connection?

Is there a fascination by the heart called Mu?

Did you pray to your Gods among your ziggurats?

Were you a 'Man of Silver?' Were beginning to

evolve in time and consciousness? Is this your first

life here? "I can't say I know." Then lo...

Welcome to Atlantis, "Isn't this a land of myth?"

Far not, young soul, this is what your ancients called

'The Men of Bronze' They lived longer and fell harder

Than all the rest. They lived on in writings and songs.

In what you call 'mystical' tribes. They were the reincarnations

Of Lemurians. All living similar lives.

Welcome to the Aryan Epoch, seem familiar?

Where industry booms, and change blooms?

Who forgot God and fell as the sixth rose?

"I am he." This is where everyone goes.

"I don't understand..." We are all the same

and now you are dead. Now venture back to Earth

as the seventh is born and so begins a new expedition.

And after it, a new essence in a new existence.

Phases Of The Moon

Sitting in the dust playing with moon rocks

From arcane caverns, I look to the sky...

Rising blue! It must be infinity!

It's peaceful in starlit eternity.

With Forever nights and meaningless day

There are no lights in the deserts of grey!

I'm dying to see the days adove the moon

In planes beyond those celestial eyes

To jump from the windows and simply float down

And land weightlessly on an ancient dune

They won't see, I'll have my disguise, whilst I

Just sit in the dust playing with moon rocks

Earth Castle

Demon, spy, lucrative eye

Phantom, ghost, trapped in his own moat

Colossal structure? That's a real question.

Looking at the ground, there's no getting in.

Tell me what perception is?!

Tell me what is big and what is small?!

Giants of the universe!

Heed my call!

They crush the galaxies

Like little clouds, pricks against a cussion

Needles meant to be held hostage

They burn the host, but they die anyway

See the life in the water?

It doesnt care, because it isn't the virus!

Who are you? Big? Small? Huge?

Words to describe nothing in a world of everything

Leave my streams alone, let them flow

Birth and death, we're going stealth

Wake up, in a bed of the highest window

Of this castle... against your consciousness

Thanks for reading :crube:

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sweet, i read the first couple and i'll try to read the rest later.

i should be finishing up some papers but alas im here posting on AE :awesome:

edit: moon rocks, easily my favorite.

i'll admit, the myth/occult theory was far beyond my head. mostly likely due to me not knowing much of either, but it still intrigued me. it was all the questions in it that really irked me. but once again, don't know the source material.

while trying to edit this ae is being fairly retarded and i'll probably comment more later provided this makes it through.

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Hmm... honestly I wasn't expecting to like this stuff at all. But at heart most of it is really quite lively and charming work.

The way a subtle sense of humor infuses the lofty intellectual concepts you strive to discuss, breathes real poetic life into work which would otherwise feel unbearably static. That is to say, you don't lose touch of your humanity while writing in abstractions, which is really the only way to bring those abstractions to life.

"Moon Rocks" especially is really quite lovely, and it reminds me a lot of a poem I wrote some years back about pigeons.

My number one piece of advice is on the matter of the rhymes, you aught to either come up with more complex and lively rhyme schemes or travel in a more freeform direction. Bend the form to fit your images and metaphors, not the other way around. But then I've always been of the opinion that T.S. Eliot's balance of flow and freedom is the pinnacle of poetic form (at least so far). I've always felt that the biggest mistake that the recent formalist poets make is that they end up creating language for the sake of language, when the real truth of the matter is that language is only a system for organizing the experience of human consciousness.

But I digress...

I think it might be a good exercise for you to try to tap into some your more visceral and illogical responses you have to the ideas that form the core of your work. You already have some wonderful glimmers of that side of your thinking present in your work, and I think it'd be a kick to see where those impulses would take you if you tried to focus on them a bit more. Mind you, I'm not suggesting that you alter the style of work in general here, just that you experiment a bit with the more Dionysian side of the coin and see where it takes you.

Well, my, my, I've rambled on quite a bit here. As always, all that was just my opinion, nothing more. So, don't pay it any more mind than your gut tells you to. (although, I do hope my thoughts were a bit helpful).

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