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I wanted to go to the show July 29th in NY, but it isn't gonna happen sadly. This is seriously like THE ultimate lineup. Ah well.

Wu-Tang are worth the price alone, but look at everyone else there. It's insane. Better than any other tour this summer by far..... well I'll stop since I'm getting pissed I'm not doing.

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I saw Wu-Tang Clan yesterday at Virgin Festival. The sound people failed miserably and couldn't get the mics right the entire time. You could barely hear a bunch of the guys, and then when more than one of them was using their mics you just got deafened by the noise.

But besides that they were better than anything else there by a landslide. It was insane. The Smashing Pumpkins were playing and I would have to say more people were there for Wu than anyone else. Just a massive, massive crowd of people.

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