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Dogs, Sex, & You


Dogs, Sex, & You  

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  1. 1. If your dog began licking your genitals during intercourse with your significant other, what would you do?

    • Keep going, while quietly being ashamed of yourself.
    • Freak out.
    • Get into it and provoke him into doing it again.
    • Dump your girlfriend/boyfriend in favor of spending more time with your dog.

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Jean's dog licked Corey's balls the other night while we were having a dance party and he was in his underwear...

so it somehow seems less weird to me. :unsure:

That's completely different. It's not like him and Jean were having sex and trying to have orgasms when it caressed his testicles with it's tongue.

How the Hell could you sustain any type of arousal when an ANIMAL licks your genitals?


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