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I know I don't get round to posting much anymore but I am still interested/love this league and intend on playing. Also I agree with 2 rb's/WR's and one flex. Also I don;t know how many bench players we have right now but dropping 4 seems pretty harsh.

I know me and will (the optimus prine's) are staying, brian is I assume you two are that makes 5. Ba;tar showed interest in joining so someone should probably get in contact with him. Chris has yet to fail to play but someone should probably try and remind him about it. So that would put us up to 9 if we get all that. How many is it we need? 10 or 12?

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So we have 4 confirmed? I'm sure Brian and Chris will be in and my new addition last year with Will takes us to 7 we really only need 1 more person. If everyone could add me on facebook or something I can make some form of group that would allow us to stay in contact or something making this easier. Also I forget how many spots are open in my other league it might just be easier to merge the two. (Name: David Emslie, sure you could find me through other guys contacts like Brian, Chris or Ryan.

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So i apologize for not activating the league sooner. Over the past couple of months I have been working on my first independently funded short film and have graduated from college.

As such i have not been paying as much attention as I should've.

That being said get your keepers in and give me your dates for draft attendance. Also this year unless there are objections I will be assigning the Miami Molesters League Admin powers so that I can take more of a back seat in running this league.

Also this year i need to spend some more time becoming an employed member of society.

This is a copy pasta of the body of the email i sent out.

Give me your dates and make you keeper selections

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