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So how many have officially joined up again?





Dicky Trick



You can invite that guy whose email I threw out in an earlier post, and I could grab a couple more people around my area that are always down to play FF.

And what of Brian or Will or Baltar?

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Oh I can;t remember if my friend Will played last year. Pretty sure he did but he is interested in playing again. Believe his team was the Optimus Prine's I'll pass on a message of his keeper or chuck you guys his e-mail when I next speak to him.

I'm sure Brian and Will will be playing though. So with scar's friend that's 8

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No date set for the draft yet...

OK, let me get this straight.

I know Brian, David, Chris, Will, Steven are in it. I've talked to them or at least they have set up their keeper.

Who are Michael, Jonathon, and Mike on AE?

They have not set up their keeper and I don't think they ahve come on and said they are playing again. If anyone knows those fools, let me know who they are and if you think they will be doing this again.

Also, I invited yer brother Will. If those guys don't join I will cut the league back to 10 teams if need be.

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Since I guess I am now running this shit...uhm draft day is Monday night at 9:30 est...dunno what time that is for you fools. Let me know if this needs to be adjusted. PRONTO!

Thanks for setting the date.

I have been super busy and need to take a back seat this year.

I am glad you are fine with being co commish this year.

Also seams like most of the new owners have joined we are only missing one team.

Which we must get before the draft.

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