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Whats Your Favorite Television Show

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I just want to know what peoples favorite television shows are. They can be shows that are n currently or shows that were canceled but they still have a place in your heart as one of your favorites.

I would appreciate it if there was no slanderous talk going on between people if some one disagrees with another persons personal preference in TV show.

Also if you could state why you like it so much that would be nice too.

Thanks a bunch. :biggrin:

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Thank You Tanni Foemangler for responding and i can understand if people are bitching so it doesnt really bother me.

And to contribute to my own thread my Favorite Show is Futurama.

Because it is extremely original with a lot of the concepts involved are extremely original and witty.

Eg. The Head of celebrity's are extremly funny.

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Six Feet Under. It's just so fucking brilliant. The complexity of the plots and characters, really it pulls off a level of literary integrity that no other tv show has ever even approached.

Well, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer snags the other top spot for me. It's just got the most kick-ass mix of humor, characters, and mythological overtones. The first season kinda majorly sucks, though.

Really anything created by Joss Whedon is pure gold.

At the moment I've been digging Veronica Mars. Yeah, it's got a lot of trashy teen drama stuff but the neo-noir part of it just too good to miss out on.

Other shows that come to mind:

Star Trek: TNG- Just fucking watch in it, if you haven't yet.

The Prisoner- the best show of the 1970's period. The symbolism and surrealism just make it so wonderful.

Doctor Who- Simply because the Doctor is like the most truly epic and amazing character in the history of science fiction. The first couple seasons (the ones back in the 60's) are sorta slow, but watching the early ones makes the later ones feel much cooler.

Prime Suspect- Just a really great BBC detective series. Not much more to say.

There are more, but I grow weary.

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Stargate SG-1 is a little militaristic at times and SUPER CHEESY at others but then there are many episodes that have awesome writing and acting.

Firefly is pretty cool, although I don't like it for the reasons most people do. The witty dialogue wears thin quickly and at the end of the day I'm there for the awesome universe he created more than for the characters. Also I think the Alliance is great, I don't understand why all the main characters hate them so much, haha. Except that they're irrational. OFF TOPIC HOO~

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'The Office' is my favorite tv show. I haven't seen the BBC version yet, which I hear is brilliant. The comedy in 'The Office' is so dry and dead pan. I also love the mockumentary style of the show which isn't done often. Dwight is my favorite character with Michael as a close second. If you actually think about the show's plot and progress, nothing really happens, rather than some relationship drama. However, despite the lack of any actual plot the show is hilarious because of the character's personalities and the talented actors.

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Stargate SG-1 is a little militaristic at times and SUPER CHEESY at others but then there are many episodes that have awesome writing and acting.

Forgot about SG-1. Though really, the cheese in that show helps it more than it hinders it I think.

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