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Don't trust myspace

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MySpace loves HTTP cookies. The use of web cookies is very common; they are simply pieces of data that a website places on one's computer to store information about its user, for the purposes of tracking and recognizing one's visits to the site. However, the use of cookies can extend beyond this benign convience, such as advertising tracking, and it has raised privacy concerns. Advertisers' on MySpace use of cookies, ads, and other code are subject to their own privacy policies, not the MySpace privacy policy. This can lead to computer security issues for when people visit these 3rd party websites they can be subject to receiving adware and spyware. While it has yet to be documented anyone has ever received spyware or adware from the MySpace company itself, many 3rd parties take advantage of MySpace's popularity and awkward coding structure as a venue for distributing said software.

That seems pretty scary to me.

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MySpace is just one of those things people ought to be ashamed to have.

Venom: Have a MySpace do you?

person: No, of course not!

Venom: What is this!? *points out MySpace account*

person: Alright, you got me, I gave in!

*person is ridiculed mercilessly*

I don't really get why people don't want to be targeted by advertising, I'd rather see an ad for neopets merchandise than viagra

People have this silly notion about not wanting their various activities constantly under watch of others. I don't see why people wouldn't want to be under surveillance 24/7 and constantly barraged with material that supposedly suits the user based upon various corporations monitoring a person.

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