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AE is no longer broken


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There were a LOT OF PROBLEMS with the server that we're hosted on that went unnoticed for quiet a long period of time by our hosting company, and myself.

When we first moved to our new server with our new hosting company, we were one of very few customers on this server, and the site was extremely fast.

As more users signed up and got piled onto our machine, it got a lot slower. I figured it was just normal load and was due to the influx in customers.

For the past 2 days or so, as I'm sure you all may recall, the site was running like complete shit. We were pretty much preparing to move hosts again :sad:

After about 3 or 4 emails to the hosting company, I finally got their techs to thoroughly take a look at what was causing the slowdowns and database problems (for those familiar with Linux, the server load was 20+).

They uncovered and fixed a handful of issues (DDoS attacks and spam, HTTP + SMTP connections were killing the whole server). AE should now be faster and speedier than ever. Sorry for the downtime that took place throughout the day yesterday.


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Let me explain.

Our usual theme (BoHeGeHa) was just recently updated (nothing you'll notice, just some bugfixes and optimizations, internals basically).

Since we only run one theme, I had to install another theme before the board would let me delete the old one. That's just how IPB works. You can't NOT have a theme installed. It won't let you break the board by having no themes.

I needed something quick, so I installed this. This is IPB's second offical skin, and the same one they run on their forums. It was made by a really talented developer from Invision.

I figured I'd toss this one up instead of their other default skin (the ugly blue one).

But uhhh... this is a really nice skin. It's very neutral and has very smooth, well contrasting colors.

If you guys like this skin, we'll keep it. It's better IMO than BoHeGeHa. If I get a bunch of posts of people bitching about how it's too light, and how they'd rather we use the darkest and most depressing emo skin I can possibly find, I'll install BoHeGeHa again.

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I really don't like this skin because it's too light or doesn't contrast enough

Everything seems to just kind of mix together. It doesn't feel like AE at all. =/

Did you see our other skin at all dude? It had no contrast. Literally, none at all.

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